The work done by the Pedal with Pete Foundation is made possible by our volunteers’ dedication to increase public awareness of cerebral palsy and raise funds for cerebral palsy related research.  Volunteer opportunities are available with varying levels of commitment. Your time investment can be as little as four hours on ride day or you can make a longer term commitment to support the planning and implementation of the ride events or the administration of the Foundation.



The sign-up process starts sometime between March and June using an online tool. Time Commitments range from from 3 to 8 hours. The spirit at this event is electric, positive, and friendly.  You’ll leave tired yet rejuvenated! To everyone interested in helping in 2020:  Keep watch here – we will post information on how to volunteer for the 2020 events in the Spring.



Volunteers who help organize the ride events meet for about six months, once a month, in the evening. Some volunteers are “Team Leaders”, and others assist the Team Leaders with marketing, fund-raising, route planning and marking, record-keeping, requesting door-prizes, and other logistics.  Everyone gets a feeling of accomplishment, camaraderie, and the joy of moving forward cerebral palsy research and helping people. If interested, send an email to: information@pedalwithpete.org.



There are a number of administrative tasks that are necessary to make the Foundation function effectively. The positions where the Foundation currently needs assistance include:

  • Office365 Aministration: serve as the Microsoft Office365 administrator. Office365 and Teams provide the tools for operating all aspects of the Foundation’s activities. The time commitment averages a couple of hours a week, throughout the year.
  • The Pedal with Pete Foundation stakeholder database maintenance: maintain the VBA macro enabled Excel spreadsheet that contains the Foundation’s historical information about riders, donors and volunteers. Data is fed into the spreadsheet by both manual and automated processes from a number of applications used by the Foundation (e.g. STRIDE, PayPal, Facebook, MINT, etc.). The time commitment is a few hours per week, mostly at month end and year end.

If interested, send an email to: information@pedalwithpete.org.


Board of Directors Positions

The Board of Directors of the Foundation oversee the management of the Foundation. Since the Foundation has no management employees, each Director  assumes the responsibility for one particular aspect of the Foundation’s activities. The Foundation is currently looking for Directors with expertise in the following areas:

  • Marketing: develop the overall marketing and branding for the Foundation. Work with the Event team leaders to ensure a consistent message is delivered at all times. Coordinate advertising and public relations activities. Work with the Directors responsible for the Foundations fund raising, web site, and social media activities to make sure that those activities are consistent with the Foundations marketing strategy.
  • Corporate and Business Outreach: develop and implement a strategy for engaging local corporations and business to support the Foundation by encouraging their employees to form teams to ride in the Foundation’s events and to volunteer to carry out the tasks necessary for the Foundation’s success, and to commit corporate/business funds in support of cerebral palsy research.

If interested, send an email to: president@pedalwithpete.org