CP2: Community Partners for Children’s Participation – Pilot Project and Feasibility Study (2015)

The objective of this multi-site research was to identify the relationship between social deprivation, resources offered, and participation levels of children with CP. Then, based on these factors, interventions were developed to promote participation. Previously, little was known about “real life” contexts and the possible impact on the community-based interventions in promoting participation.

Initial Observations

  • Individuals with CP are less likely to participate in life, including community activities, education and work.
  • Many interventions designed to remove restrictions focus on an individual’s treatment.
  • Fewer interventions changing the environment to encourage the participation of those with CP.

Core Questions

  • What environmental challenges prevent individuals with CP from participating in life?
  • What policies & programs exist to help individuals with CP participate in life?
  • What are the best practices that encourage individuals with CP to participate and be welcomed into spaces?

Research Team

  • Dr. Keiko Shikako-Thomas PhD OT, Dr. Michael Shevell MD, Dr. Maryam Oskoui MD, Dr. Lucy Lach PhD, Dr. Chantal Camden PhD PT, Dr. Walter Wittich PhD FAAO CLVT