Accessible Methodology to Quantitate General Movements Assessments in Infants at High Risk for Cerebral Palsy (2016)

The best diagnostic tool for CP in infants is difficult to use. Better diagnostic tools can diagnose earlier and easier, to intervene more effectively. This grant tests the ability of a pressure mat and video evaluations to be used as a diagnostic tool for CP. 

Initial Observations

  • The General Movements Assessment (GMA) is a predictive tool to help identify future movement disorders in infants.
  • The GMA is qualitative and requires intensive training and resources to perform.
  • To better screen infants for CP, simpler tools are needed.

Core Questions

  • Will a flexible pressure mat accurately record infant’s movements?
  • Will the readings from the pressure map and a video evaluation predict an infant’s likelihood to develop CP?
  • Is the pressure mat as good of an assessment tool as the GMA?

Research Team

  • Dr. Nathaline Maitre MD PhD, Dr. Garey Nortiz MD, Dr. Linda Lowes PhD, Dr. Andrea Guzzetta MD PhD, Oena Chorna MT