Contralaterally Controlled Functional Electrical Stimulation and Hand Therapy Video Games for Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy (2016)

Individuals with CP often need to strengthen their muscles to participate in daily life. Few therapies help individuals strengthen their muscles on only one side. This grant seeks to develop a video game-based therapy that will help patients strengthen their muscles at home.

Initial Observations

  • Many individuals with CP have one arm that is significantly weaker than the other.
  • There are few treatments for the unbalanced weakness that work for individuals with greater impairments.
  • Surface electrical muscle stimulation (SEMS) uses the stronger side of the body to strengthen the weaker side.

Core Questions

  • Will SEMS strengthen an individual’s weaker side?
  • Will video game play assisted by SEMS strengthen an individual’s weaker side?
  • Will these combined therapies be efficient home treatments?

Research Team

  • Dr. Michael J Fu PhD, Dr. Ryan Suder MS OTR/L BCP, Dr. Jayme Knutson PhD, Dr. Benjamin Katholi MD, Anna Curby MS OTR/L, Angelia Rice MS OTR/L, Ryan Suder MS OTR/L