Use of Collagenase Clostridium histolyticum to Decrease Muscle Fiber Bundle Stiffness in Cerebral Palsy (2019)

Muscle stiffness in cerebral palsy has been associated with an increase in collagen in the space between muscle cells.

If collagenase injections reduce stiffness, the need for surgical intervention to achieve the same outcome may be reduced.

Core Question

  • Can injections of collagenase reduce the amount of muscle stiffness?

Post Research Results

  • One presentation and one publication. A safe and effective non-operative alternative is desirable for the treatment of muscle stiffness in cerebral palsy (CP), which is associated with an upregulation of collagen within the muscle. This research assessed the potential of collagenase clostridium histolyticum (CCH, an enzyme that digests collagen) treatment to decrease muscle stiffness in CP muscle. Researchers found a linear relationship for the CCH dose-response, with 440U/mL being the identified dose to achieve a 50% reduction in collagen content. Subsequent biomechanical testing is underway which will assess the impact of collagen reduction on CP muscle stiffness.

Research Team

  • Dr. Jason J Howard MD, Dr. Walter L Herzong PhD, Dr. Timothy Leonard PhD, Dr. James S. Huntley MD, Prof. H. Kerr Grahm MD, Dr. M. Wade Schrader MD