The role of the Extracellular Matrix in Cerebral Palsy Muscle Dysfunction

Muscle stiffness and contractures are a main concern in cerebral palsy, as they limit mobility. The cause of muscle stiffness is not known.

Initial Hypothesis

  • Muscle stiffness and contractures exists. The cause could be due to changes in extracellular matrix of patients with cerebral palsy.

Core Questions

  • Is there a difference in the tissue (extracellular matrix) between individual cells of typically developing patients and those who are affected by cerebral palsy?
  • ls fibrosis in the tissue between individual cells (extracellular matrix) a cause of the stiffness and contractures?

Research Team

  • Kristen Stearns-Reider, PhD, PT; Eileen Fowler, PhD, PT; Rachel Thompson, MD