Reversal of Aged Muscle Stem Cell Dysfunction in Contractured Muscle from Cerebral Palsy (2019)

CP is associated with high muscle tension and stiffness, which can cause decreased range of motion of an individual’s muscles. Preventing or reversing muscle tension is essential for people with cerebral palsy to engage with the world around them. This grant tests the effectiveness of certain drugs to repair this stiffness.

Initial Observations

  • Individuals with CP often have stiff and tense muscles.
  • Cells responsible for repairing muscles show markers indicative of senescence, a state that indicates premature aging.
  • There are drugs that can slow or reverse senescence.

Research Questions

  • Is the DNA in these muscle cells modified and is that the cause of aging?
  • If the DNA is modified, can the drug 5-azacytidine be repurposed to reverse the aging, therefore encouraging muscle growth?

Dr. Andrea Domenighetti PhD