Learn from Every Patient at Every Visit: a Pilot Program for Children with Cerebral Palsy (2011)

The project “Learn from Every Patient” involved 1000 children with cerebral palsy to find the best treatments and apply new standards.  The results of this project have been implemented at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and a National Institute of Health grant was approved to implement this methodology at other large medical centers in the USA. Initial […]

Early Grant Recipients

Baclofen Pump Research Several research projects headed by Dr. Leland Albright, a pioneer in the use of the Baclofen Pump (ITB Therapy, or intrathecal baclofen therapy) which is a precise, targeted therapy used to reduce severe spasticity caused by cerebral palsy. In Vivo Assessment of Quadriceps Muscle Plasticity in Children with Cerebral Palsy Research conducted […]